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P. O. Box 70265
Louisville, Kentucky 40270-0265

LAP was launched in September 1978, when 8 paralegals met at the Louisville Free Public Library, all with an idea to draw paralegals together in Louisville to form a professional association.  With much enthusiasm and perseverance the Louisville Association of Paralegals (LAP) was born.  The first meeting at the library framed what is now a highly successful and professional legal association.

In spring of 1979, there were 37 paralegal members in the Louisville area.  Meeting after meeting over the years produced a Board of Directors, our newsletter, Para*graphs, Chair positions, luncheons, community efforts, but above all, LAP established a tremendous networking among our members. Times have changed, but only for the good thus allowing LAP to grow to over 125 members. 

The purpose of the Louisville Association of Paralegals Association is to:

  • Expand the use of Paralegals in all aspects of the legal profession;
  • Establish and promote a working relationship between Paralegals and attorneys, business entities and government;   
  • Cooperate with all appropriate bar and paralegal associations to promote high ethical standards and professionalism for Paralegals;
  • Encourage educational programs and training to promote continuing legal education for Paralegals; and
  • Inform Paralegals of developments in the paralegal profession and act as a forum for exchanging ideas.


Kentucky Paralegal Association
P. O.Box  2675
Louisville, Kentucky 40201-2675

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