CLE Criteria

Certification Policy 9.02(B)

It is the obligation of the CKP seeking credit to ensure the activity meets the criteria for approval

Activity must meet the following criteria to be eligible for CLE Credit:

  • Organized program of learning.
  • Contributes directly to the legal competence of a paralegal.
  • Deals primarily with substantive legal issues directly related to paralegal practice. 
  • Includes consideration of any related issues of legal ethics or professional responsibility.
  • Significant intellectual or practical content which is timely.
  • Must be offered by a sponsor having substantial, recent experience and ability in offering continuing legal or law-related education. 
  • Must be taught and conducted by an individual or group qualified by practical or academic experience.
  • One (1) credit equals a 50-minute unit of actual instruction. See Policy 2.01(H). 
  • One (1) ethic credit equals a 50-minute until of of actual instruction relating to legal ethics. See Policy 2.01(G). 

Other legal and law-related programs may be approved for CLE credit upon application to KPACC not less than 30 days in advance of scheduled activity. See Policy 9.02(C).

The following activities do not qualify for CLE credit: See policy 9.03(A)

  • Activities designed primarily for clerical or administrative functions.
  • Home study or self-study. 
  • Correspondence classes. 
  • Programs taken in preparation for licensure exams for non-paralegals. 
  • Business meetings or committee meetings of paralegal and law-related associations. 
  • Activities completed prior to the successful completion of the CKP exam. 


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