A Voluntary Certification Program for Paralegals

The KY Paralegal Association, through the KPA Certification Committee (KPACC), offers a voluntary certification program for paralegals. The Certified KY Paralegal (CKP) program recognizes paralegals who have met defined levels of education, experience, and professional standards. Individuals who successfully pass the CKP exam and maintain other program requirements are authorized to use “CKP” or “Certified KY Paralegal” following their name.


  • Implement Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.700 for paralegals in Kentucky by establishing a procedure for paralegal certification.
  • Promote competency and high standards of paralegal professional responsibility, including the KPA’s Paralegal Professional Standards of Conduct.
  • Set minimum training, work experience, and education requirements for eligibility to be a designated a Certified Kentucky Paralegal.
  • To improve the quality of legal service in Kentucky and make it more readily available to the public.
  • Recognize the substantial and essential contribution paralegals make to the provision of legal services in Kentucky.

  • Mary Anglin-Coulter, CKP / Reminger Co.
  • Hannah Black, CKP / Deatrick & Spies
  • Ashley Beckett, CKP / Emmett Daniel Clifford Law
  • Karla Carroll, CKP / Stoll Keenon Ogden
  • Kimberly Davis, CKP / Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC
  • Lara Hirst, CKP / Hicks & Funfsinn, PLLC
  • Mary McGrath, CKP / Napier Gault Schupbach & Stevens
  • 2 anonymous CKPs 



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Exam Information/

Become a CKP

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KPA Professional Standards &

Certification Policy, click here.

KPA Paralegal Professional Standards

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CLE Resources

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CKP STATUS REQUEST:  For verification for someone other than yourself, please contact KPACC at Written & signed authorization from the CKP in question will be required to release information on a CKP’s standing. The KPA does not currently provide a form for such authorization. For CKPs seeking their own status, please see the Current CKP page.

KPACC is a Volunteer Committee:  KY Paralegal Association Certification Committee is made up of 5 volunteers who enjoy giving back to their paralegal community. Many of us hold several positions in the paralegal community through city, state, and national organizations. We strive to provide CKPs with efficient access to information to meet their individual needs. Please know, this time of year the demands on KPACC are great. As a result you may experience a delay in response. Please know we will respond as soon as possible.

QUESTIONS:  If you have additional questions regarding the KPA's Certified Kentucky Paralegal Program, please contact the Kentucky Paralegal Association Certification Committee (KPACC) directly at 

Kentucky Paralegal Association
P. O. Box  2675
Louisville, Kentucky 40201-2675

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