The minimum requirements for eligibility to take the CKP examination are:

  • Graduation from an ABA-approved paralegal studies program; OR
  • Graduation from a paralegal studies program which is not ABA-approved, but is in substantial compliance with ABA approval guidelines; OR
  • Substantial Compliance is evidenced, by the applicant providing a letter on letterhead from the Dean or Director of that institution stating the institution is in substantial compliance with ABA approval guidelines; OR
  • Graduation from an appropriately accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in any field plus one (1) year of paralegal work experience verified by the supervising lawyer; OR
  • In lieu of 6.01, applicants with a minimum of 5 years work experience as a paralegal performing substantive legal tasks under the supervision and direction of a licensed attorney, as of May 14, 2012, will be given constructive credit for the education requirements of 6.01. Said experience must have been accrued prior to May 14, 2012, and must be attested to by the paralegal’s supervising attorney and verified by the KPACC. Intent to seek constructive credit must be submitted to the CKPP, Inc., on a form provided by the CKPP, Inc. All other requirements of Section 5: Qualifications for Certified Kentucky Paralegal Status must be met for certification to be granted.
  • Applicants must submit documentary verification of completion of education and work experience requirements.
  • KPA membership is not required to sit for the exam but, once certified, KPA membership is required to maintain CKP status.
  • Persons convicted of a felony, suspended or disbarred from the practice of law, or who have been found by proper authority to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law are not eligible to apply for CKP status.

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